8th Chanting of Medicine Buddha’s Mantra

On the 1st day of year 2022, the 8th Chanting of Medicine Buddha’s Mantra for New Year was held in Sau Seng Lum Puchong Exhibition Centre.

Upholding the compassionate spirit of the Abbess of Sau Seng Lum Buddhist Temple, Rev. Chang Heng, the volunteers gathered to chant mantras to pray for the New Year to be free from illness and suffering, to eliminate disasters and prolong life. In addition, it was also held to bless the victims of the recent flood-stricken areas in many states in the country, may the Buddha and Bodhisattva give the victims the strength to persevere, so that they have the courage to overcome the difficulties.

As per the SOP, this activity was only opened to 50 participants. The devoted participants gathered and chanted mantra at the Shrine of the Medicine Buddha. With a grateful heart, everyone prayed and made wishes of world peace, prosperity and safety for the New Year.

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