Lighting of Gratitude Lamp and Gratitude Ritual on Mother’s Day

Celebrating the heart-warming Mother’s Day, Sau Seng Lum Buddhist Temple held a solemn and extraordinary Lighting of Gratitude Lamp and Gratitude Ritual on Mother’s Day. The event was to pray for the blessings of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and bless all mothers in the world with longevity and health, increase blessing, wisdom and auspiciousness.

The Abbess, Rev. Chang Heng exhorted devotees that filial piety is the greatest virtue of all practices, moreover the practice of filial piety to one’s parents is a great virtue because our parents have lived over many lifetimes as sentient beings. The practice of Dharma begins with a grateful heart towards all sentient beings.

“The story of filial piety in Buddhism expounds the selflessness of children in repaying their mother’s love and parents’ kindness across space and time. Therefore, in addition to filial piety to parents in this world, we should also remember the parents in all lifetimes, and spread this thought to all sentient beings in six realms.”

Therefore, for Buddhists, the best way to bless a mother is by reciting the name of Buddha, reciting sutras, and dedicating merits and virtues to her. Wish for her to receive the compassion of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas which eliminate karmic obstacles, also to enjoy more blessing of life, this is the most fulfilling way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The event has received enthusiastic response from the devotees and public. They have offered the lamp of gratitude and expressed their sincere blessing to their mothers, and prayed for their health and safety.

Besides, many devotees offered lamps for their late mother to celebrate the dedication and maternal love during her lifetime. Also, they performed the chanting and the transfer of merits for the late mother through Sau Seng Lum, praying for the Buddha’s grace to shine and illuminate on their late mother.

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