The 41st Ullambana Puja 2022

29/07/2022 – 26/08/2022

Sau Seng Lum Buddhist Temple successfully held the 1-month “41st Ullambana Puja” from 29th July to 26th August (1st to 29th day of the 7th lunar month).

Since 1982, Sau Seng Lum Buddhist Temple has been organizing Ullambana Puja to promote the vast and boundless spirit of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva’s profound vow: “Only when every single living being is liberated will I attain Bodhi.” Also, the event aims to promote and express the filial piety of remembering, reminiscing, and expressing gratitude to ancestors in society.

The filial sons and virtuous grandchildren from home and abroad have registered to perform liberation for the ancestors and deceased souls who have passed away anywhere, to dedicate merits to them with a sincere heart. With respectful and solemn thoughts, they invite the souls of their deceased and destined relatives so that they can listen to the dharma and elevate to the pure land.

Buddhism promotes filial piety, not only to one’s parents but also to all sentient beings. Buddhism believes that all sentient beings are our parents, and we should serve and repay all sentient beings. According to Ksitigarbha Sutra, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva vows to attain Buddhahood only after He reaches and transcends all sentient beings, which is the embodiment of filial piety.

Ullambana Puja originated from the allusion that “One of the Ten Great Disciples of the Buddha, Venerable Maudgalyāyana, make offerings to Sangha to save his mother”, which has a positive education in filial piety. It reminds everyone to practice filial piety and express gratitude, practice vegetarianism and make offerings to Sangha, do good deeds, perform almsgiving, repent, and save living beings from physical and mental sufferings. Therefore, in Buddhism, the 7th month of the lunar calendar is auspicious. It is the joyful month of the Buddha and the month of filial piety and gratitude to all beings, especially the Ullambana Festival on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month is the joyful day of the Buddha.

The public grasp the good cause and conditions to develop a good affinity with all sentient beings, practice filial piety, and cultivate blessings throughout the 7th lunar month. In particular, they make offerings to the Triple Gems on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month to pray for the auspiciousness and well-being of the parents and relatives. Besides, wishing for our parents in past lives (all sentient beings in six realms), close kins, and karmic creditors to transcend the evil realms, be free from suffering, and obtain happiness by relying on the merits and virtues of making offerings to the Triple Gems.

The Ullambana Puja meets the various needs and conveniences of the public. It also provides digital liberation for the public to form a good affinity with all sentient beings and benefit them, and perform chanting and salvation for the spirits of the deceased for a month. In addition, the public also lit up 1-month Gratitude Light, Ksitigarbha Lamps of Dharma Protection & Peace, Lamp of Ksitigarbha (Eliminating Predicament Karma), participated in Emperor Liang Repentance, and other events of repaying kindness and praying for blessings.

Every participant of the 7th Lunar Month (1 Month) Ullambana Puja was full of thoughts and gratitude for their ancestors. The public shared the deeds of their ancestors with their children and grandchildren in a peaceful atmosphere, remembered and blessed their ancestors and deceased relatives and friends in an extraordinary and solemn atmosphere lingered in the Dharma voice.

During the month-long Ullambana Puja, the public dedicates the merits and virtues to their ancestors, deceased relatives, and friends through sincere hearts so they can hear the Dharma, free themselves from the vexation of life and death, and be reborn in the Pure Buddha Land.

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