The 4th Zen Day Camp

Practicing mindfulness and concentration is all about living in the moment. It is also the way to face troubles and allow our body and mind to relax, so that we can feel happiness and be free from the hectic pace of life.

To encourage the public to slow down their pace and relax their mind and experience the feeling of being in the present moment, Sau Seng Lum (Puchong) Exhibition Centre held the 4th Zen Day Camp. Nearly 80 participants learned physical and mental relaxation and basic meditation. They also learned to turn negative energy into peaceful and positive energy to improve their quality of life.

The participants put their body and mind relaxed in a pleasant atmosphere. Through various meditation methods such as movement meditation, sitting meditation, sleeping meditation and eating meditation, they practice mindfulness at all times, clearly understand every movement of their own in the current life and understand that there is Zen everywhere in life.

Rev. Chang Heng encouraged participants involved in the activities to integrate the meditation into life and make good use of opportunities to practice meditation regularly in their daily life.

“Enrich your life through continuous practice and improvement. By cultivating a positive mentality and benign qualities that are conducive to mental development, we can reinvigorate a fresh stream of life and create a life full of happiness and vitality.”

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