2023-03-19 The 57th Sau Seng Lum Happy Children’s Day Camp

“Being Kind Every Day Makes Me Happier”

The 57th Sau Seng Lum Happy Children’s Day Camp with the theme of “Being Kind Every Day Makes Me Happier” was successfully held at Sau Seng Lum (Puchong) Exhibition Centre. A total of 170 primary school students participated in the camp.

The event aims to educate children to be kind from an early age, to master specific acts of kindness and to practice them in daily life, especially practicing kindness through body, speech, and mind, and to spread and convey goodwill to the surroundings, to cultivate their moral awareness, social responsibility and positive attitude towards life.

Rev. Chang Heng was also present to hand out apples and illustration cards with good teachings, and encouraged the students to apply what they had learned from the day camp to their daily lives. In daily life, they should practice good deeds through body, mouth and mind, and never hurt others.

Through videos and Q&A sessions, volunteer teachers guided the students to observe the various good deeds in the video and think about whether the behaviours in life are consistent with being kind, including the positive and negative impact or consequences that speaking good and bad words can have on other lives around them.

In addition to watching videos and interactive teaching, volunteer teachers also planned activities such as card-making, group discussions, and presentations. The students showed their team spirit in various games, and the games were held full of joy.

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