Ten Great Disciples of Buddha

The moment stepping into the main entrance of the exhibition centre, there seen the ten solemn “Buddha's Top Ten Disciples” smile to welcome the visitors. The solemn image of the statues revealed in the breeze and mirror reflecting each other with a distanced lake. Since its opening in 2003, it has successfully attracted more than 100,000 people to visit, because it is full of energy and grandeur as an ideal place for spiritual practice.


It is Vairocana that stands in the middle of the main hall of the exhibition centre. It symbolises the shining light. Vairocana Buddha also called the Great Day of the Tathagata, whose lights brighten the dharmadhatu. It helps with no discrimination in cultivating the goodness of innumerable sentient beings, and blesses the accomplishments of all the great activities in the world.
The Buddha statue in the exhibition centre was made by copper steel. It looks like a dignified body of Buddha. His eyebrows are like Buddha's light, compassionately gazing at all sentient beings and brighten the world. Paying homage to Varoicana, one's body and mind will be pristine and brightening. Obstacles are removed and heart is filled with joy and peace.

500 Arhats

The exhibition centre of Sau Seng Lum is the first to exhibit the five hundred Arhats made of ceramics. This is not only the achievement of the supreme art, but also the appearance and spirit of the history of Chinese Buddhism. The 500 life like Arhats show different kinds of compassion and wisdom. Through each and every unique one of the Arhats, they speak the dharma to all from all walks of life.
The tallest statue of the Arhats in the exhibition hall is 3.5 feet in height. Each Arhat statue has a unique appearance, demeanour and body language. Five hundred Arhats represent different human beings from different parts of the world. Perhaps we can find a particular Arhat that resonates with our nature, and understand their practice experience, and follow the ways of practice on the spiritual path.

33 Goddess of Mercy

Thirty three different appearances and stories of Guan Yin are based on the thousands hundred of manifestation of Guan Yin. Each Guan Yin statue displays the dharmakaya in exhaustible loving kindness in liberating all living beings. Although the wooden statue of Guan Yin are small, but they are lifelike and people can deeply moved by the compassionate qualities of Guan Yin.

Mani Wheels

The prayer wheels are originated from Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetans believe that turning the prayer wheel will enable one to take a good rebirth and be liberated from the suffering of samsara.
The true meaning of the prayer wheel can be explained from various aspects. Usually the prayer wheel is engraved with mantra, “Om Mani Padme Hung,” so when we turn it, we recite the mantra, and remind ourselves to let go of all our bad habits.

Cross the Ganges River

With a sincere heart, to cross the Ganges river and purify the bad karma that were accumulated since the beginningless time. Each step symbolise each mindful of righteous thought, purify the past karma, allow the pure cooling water to purify the mind, to start anew, and take each future step onto the true nature of Buddha pure land.

Wishing Hall

Sincere repentance is a way of spiritual purification. After the purification, it is necessary to make a sincere wish, a good heart will bring harmony, and it will also bring peace to the society. Just hang your wishes on the wish fulfilling tree and your wish will come true.

Heart Sutra Maze Hall

The Heart Sutra is the essence of Buddhism. It is well known to most people. Even illiterate practitioners can memorise and recite it. With a theme of Heart Sutra, Sau Seng Lum first introduce The Maze of Heart Sutra in Malaysia to allow visitors to understand the essence of the Heart Sutra by means of a maze, go beyond delusion for awakening, to know oneself, and develop and liberate one's life beyond fears and attachment.

Triple Gems Joyous Garden

There is a large pool in The Triple Gems Joyous Garden, and three solemn Buddhas are seated in the center of the pool, namely Shakyamuni Buddha, Medicine Buddha, and Amitabha. As long as one kneels on the prayer mat and sincerely chant the holy names of the three Buddhas, the holy water will be offered. This holy water is drinkable and can be brought back for bathing to cleanse the body and mind. Apart from the three Buddha statues here, there are 12 guardians according to the Chinese zodiac readily welcoming the visitors and bless them with peace and great health.

Great Wall of Buddha ~ Shrine of the Medicine Buddha

There is a congregation of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas according to the sutra with regards to Eastern Lapis Lazuli, namely the Medicine Buddha, the Seven Medicine Buddhas, the Eight Great Bodhisattvas, and the 12 Guardians of Medicine Buddha etc. All the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas gather to form a spectacular wall of thousands Buddha, for the beauties and sacredness on heaven, and purify the mind of all sentient beings.
The believers can sincerely worship the statues of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. May they all be liberated from obstacles, attaining wisdom and joy walking the way of the bodhisattva.