As we all know children are the future pillars of the country. However, there are many children in the world living in poverty and dire straits, suffering from illness, orphaned, helpless and deprived of education. Fate has placed many obstacles in their life. With the lack of proper care and the weak voices of the underprivileged, these children are living on the edge and seemed to have been neglected. In reality, they require more care and acceptance from the community compared to an average child.

A million tiny drops of water make an ocean. In the interest of implementing its charitable relief efforts, to inspire all sentient being to be equal and possess the Buddha’s nature, Sau Seng Lum wishes to gather the collective strength of the public to help the children in need so that they can grow up healthily, have a brighter future and achieve mainstream education.


  • Gather help from the community to improve the living conditions of poor and sick children around the world.
  • Provide humanitarian assistance and charitable relief services.
  • Educate children by setting good example in loving kindness and transferring positive energy to others.


In upholding its four visions: charity, medical care, culture and education, Sau Seng Lum has established the “Sau Seng Lum World Children Care Foundation” through the concept of providing care, respect, equality and assisting others to be self-reliant. We sincerely appeal to benevolent donors to extend a hand in raising funds for the underprivileged children, to provide education opportunities, access to healthcare and resources, improved living environment and other welfare assistance.