2023-07-30 Sau Seng Lum 42nd Ksitigarbha Sutra Congregation (2nd Session)

Sau Seng Lum Buddhist Temple successfully organised the second session of the 42nd Ksitigarbha Sutra Congregation, with a total of 223 participants reciting the sutra.

This group practice event aimed to encourage participants to join together and cultivate vows, benefiting all sentient beings through the collective strength of group practice. As the saying goes, “The precious human birth has now been obtained, the elusive Dharma has now been heard and the rare encounter with virtuous guides has been realized.” Participants sincerely and earnestly dedicate themselves to diligent chanting to benefit all sentient beings, thereby repaying the four kindnesses and follow the Dharma to cross over the three lower realms.

The Abbess, Rev. Chang Heng praised the participants for enthusiastically inviting those around them to participate in the group practice of the Ksitigarbha Sutra and diligently engage in the collective activity, striving for the benefit of all sentient beings. They seek to embody the profound spirit of the great vow of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, who aspires to rescue all suffering beings. Through sincere repentance and the purification of karma, they endeavour to liberate those immersed in the ocean of suffering within the three realms, guiding them towards great liberation and ultimate freedom.

In this gathering for group practice, participants span across different age groups, with some coming from other states. Among those present, there were individuals who despite physical challenges, walked slowly with the support of canes, while others used wheelchairs to reach the venue. On that day, children also participated and earnestly recited the Ksitigarbha Sutra. Reverend praised parents for nurturing the seeds of virtue in their children from an early age.

“As children grow, they learn and embody the spirit of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. Through this process, negative thoughts gradually diminish, replaced by the growth of virtuous intentions. They understand how to imbue their lives with Buddhist principles, cultivating a home that embodies the teachings. Through inclusiveness, kindness, compassion and harmony, they inspire others to join hands in creating warm families, fostering a society of peace and harmony and ultimately contributing to a world of peace and prosperity.”

Reverend also encouraged the participants to seize and cherish time, to eliminate negative habits in life and always remain vigilant about the karmic consequences of good and evil deeds. Moreover, one should vow to be a diligent, worry-free and virtuous individual in both practice and spiritual cultivation from this moment onward. Reverend wished everyone, “May the three obstacles and all afflictions be eradicated; may wisdom be attained and illuminated. May all sins and karmic hindrances be universally eliminated, and may all beings consistently walk the Bodhisattva path throughout their every lifetime.”

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